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Latest email from Romania

Posted by desflurane on June 2, 2011

I received this recently:

We are happy to announce that we have signed up with the two most important things that an enduro rider needs, a solid powerful and light bike and tyres for good grip, both of them being premium class products. Our track managers will be scouting and and marking the racetrack with Husaberg bikes. Our bloggers are reporting the hottest news from all over the race track, they get to their locations on Husaberg bikes.

Husaberg will also accompany competitors along the four off road race days as the track is marked with the blue yellow Husaberg branding tape. Since the track managers have received the new Goldentyre grip has a new definition, no wonder that the top 3 pros of 2011 Red Bull Romaniacs are also using these tyres. The ground conditions along the racetrack are changing frequently and a tire with the grip of Goldentyre can safe time and the physical power of every competitor.

Service support
Brand new 300KTM’s are available to rent for 1.500,00 Euro.
All competitors riding KTM will have the opportunity to buy KTM spare parts in the riders paddock at the KTM truck.
Rider’s service is offered by KTM and several private mechanics. This can save participants race budget, as they do not need to bring mechanics from back home.

For more detailed information

Goldentyre is our exclusive tyre partner and will sell mousses and tyres to all competitors.

Please go online on our website and read the regulations and make sure you have the proper license for this race. See pct. 4.

The track managers have spent many days to finding new trails in new areas.
There are plenty of trails that have never seen Enduro tyres before.

Off road day 1
In the Făgăraş Mountain area the race starts with a downhill named “Jonny what the fuck”. Guess that name explains that it is more a challenge to go down than pure riding fun.
Off road day 2
When going from Sibiu to the Voineasa area has a lot of new trails in a very low populated area.
Crossing a very old and wild forest, this deserved the name “Sherwood forest”.
Off road day 3
Many new trails can be expected on off road day 3 on the way to the overnight bivouac at Orastie.
This is the area where the Dacian people (the original population of Romania) lived.
Some of the trails like the” Dacia express”, a heavely winding donkey trail, have been used already 2000 years ago.
Off road day 4
The last off road day, riders will still have hard day in order to make it in time to the finish of the historic Sibiu center next to the famous Liars Bridge.

Preparations 2011 Video clips at

More information about German and Spanish pre event warm up events here

More information’s what is happening in the enduro scene at:

Please feel free to contact me for any question.
Kind regards,

Badiu Cristina

I’ve got to say that this email really makes me squirm! I’m sitting here thinking about how I could get really busy with some kind of crazy training program, get back on my bike and be ready to ride in a month and a half. Totally unrealistic? Absolutely. But hey, a guy has to dream right?

It’s good to know that they now have 2011 300’s available. It would not have been an issue to get a great bike.


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