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Life as I know it

Posted by desflurane on May 19, 2011

So it has been a little over two weeks now since the crash. I went in for my first post-op visit with Pete Althausen (the Orthopedic trauma guy who fixed me up). Everything seems to be going well, the incision is healing nicely, we got rid of the cruddy knee immobilizer they put on in the OR and swapped it out for a much nicer, articulated knee brace. For the time being it is locked out straight, preventing my knee from bending at all, but eventually we will move the stops on the hinge and start letting it bend a little. That will probably hurt! Yeah, I’m pretty sure its going to hurt…

Pete had me start doing some passive range of motion with the brace off – holding my thigh in my hands and lifting my knee up slowly, letting gravity pull my lower leg down a little. I can flex to ten, maybe fifteen degrees before my heel lifts up off the floor. Not too impressive, but it’ll get better.

I have returned to work – mostly. I am taking it day by day for now, trying not to overdo things too soon. Most days I’m doing one or two cases in the OR – usually amounting to three or four hours – and I’m beat afterwards. A friend of ours had surgery yesterday and she asked me to do the anesthesia for her. As a result I ended up doing all that surgeon’s cases for the day. It ended up being about ten hours. Needless to say, I was a bit tired afterward.

Today I’m on first call – meaning that until 7:00 AM tomorrow morning I am the first guy that gets called in to work if cases get added on to the schedule (and they always do). I’m planning on staying here at the hospital all night, to prevent having to drag myself out of the house and drive all the way here again when I get called back.

At the end of one of my cases today I asked the radiology tech who was in the room to snap a quick picture of my leg, since I still haven’t seen my X-Rays. Here is how she looks:

A bunch of hardware in my leg

I count a plate and nine screws.

Pretty gnarly! It still doesn’t hurt too much, just kind of an achy discomfort if I forget to take my Ibuprofen every eight hours. I just prop my leg up on a stool in the OR and let the good times roll. It has been very reassuring to observe how willing people are to help me out with various little things – opening doors, picking up something I’ve dropped, etc. etc. I have had the opportunity to find out who my friends are, so to speak, and I’ve got a lot of them!

The plan to take the trip to Europe and watch Romaniacs from the sidelines has been given the green light. It’ll be a great trip. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Of course, I can’t help feeling a little depressed that I’m missing out on riding in the rally. At least I can go see it first hand. Who knows, after I’ve gotten a close-up view, maybe I’ll be glad I have an excuse to stay out of the action! (I doubt it…)


2 Responses to “Life as I know it”

  1. Wayne Beams said

    That was a nasty break right up by the joint, scary. I’m glad you are doing well. You missing riding yet:) Going to watch the romaniacs should be allot of fun, and maybe give you a head start when you do get to go ride it, if it doesn’t scare you away:)

  2. desflurane said

    I know it doesn’t show on the final X-Ray, but the fracture actually goes right up thru the joint surface. Pete just put it back together very well! Eventually I will have arthritis in my knee as a result. Something to look forward to…

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