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Current status

Posted by desflurane on April 27, 2011

Things are coming along!

Travel plans are becoming more concrete. After much puzzling over european train schedules, I think we have finally figured the railway travel out. It should be nearly ideal – get on a train at basically 8:00pm, go to bed and wake up in our next city. That aspect should be really perfect. Perhaps a bit expensive, but nice. It seems that it will be cheaper to buy point-to-point tickets rather than a Eurail pass as we originally planned. The three-country Eurail pass was going to cost us $850, I THINK the individual tickets will be around $650 round-trip.

As far as the bike rental situation, I’ve been on hold for the last two weeks waiting to hear from Angelo, the KTM dealer in Sibiu. After my initial email he said:

Sorry. I was on a motorcycle exibition. I will come back later with a offer

Two weeks passed with no word from Angelo. I decided to check in and see if anything had turned up. He just replied “No 300 yet.” Another week slipped by and I asked him if I should start looking somewhere else for a bike. He said:

I think you should search somewhere else also. This i was writing you already 2 weeks ago. Didn’t you got that mail?

No, I didn’t…

I asked Cristina what other options are available, she got right back to me with this:

Hi 🙂
I have 2 suggestions….
If you want a 400 or 450 KTM i have the right contact 1200 euro, including service…
For the 300 KTM, i am still waiting..KTM Austria will not participate this year, but KTM Romania wants to get involved but we are still in discussions with them.
We will find a bike for you.
Stay in contact.
All the best from Sibiu,

So, for the moment I’ll just trust that Cristina knows what is going on and that a 300 will come up for me. She seems pretty confident about it, and she has done this whole “Romaniacs” thing before… I guess I could just ride a four-stroke – for reasonably cheap – but I’d rather hold out for a 300, since that is definitely what I am accustomed to at the moment.


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