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Here’s a little perspective

Posted by desflurane on April 15, 2011

So the first picture is me yesterday, after riding for two and a half hours (that’s two and a half hours “on the pegs”) coming home and following it up with a 750 kcal elliptical routine. Next to that is a photo of me at work about two years ago. Finally, a shot of me shortly after I got my first dirt bike – about four years ago.

Can you see any differences?


4 Responses to “Here’s a little perspective”

  1. Marlon said

    Looking good man, but how dare you crop me out 🙂

  2. I have finally found another Romaniacs crazy American. I have been looking for another American that is interested in doing the Romaniacs for a long time. You are ahead of me in planning though. The interesting thing is I grew up in Yerington Nevada just down the road from you. My dad was the only doctor in Yerington for 20+yrs until the early 80’s. It sounds like you’re having a blast preparing for Romaniacs. I miss the open country riding, I live in Indiana now and am stuck riding contained areas. I have been doing endurocross for practice and conditioning, you should try it, you will have arm pump you didn’t think was possible after 10 minutes of riding those obsticles.

    • desflurane said

      I’m glad to hear from you! Are you going to do romaniacs this year? I would LOVE to ride some endurocross, but I don’t know of any tracks within 100 miles. I’m hoping to set my own sort-of track in the desert here, now that the snow seems to have let up!

      Keep in touch!

      • No, Sadly I will not be able to go this year. I am in the middle of filing with the FDA for a spinal device a friend and I developed and there is no way I can get away. Like you My wife is also very supportive and thinks it will be great fun. I have made an endurocross course at my house and try to ride it at least 20 min a day, weather permiting,it’s a real work out. It’s not that hard to make one, i’ll post some pictures of mine when I get a chance to take some pictures of it. I have every edition of the Romainiacs on DVD and noticed the terrain is allot like here in Indiana, there’s allot of slimy roots and rocks with leaves over the top of them. I grew up riding in the west like you and when I started riding here in Indiana it was a shock at how different you have to ride this kind of terrain. I was used to so much more traction. If there is any moisture at all it is tough. You’re front wheel will wash out on a 2 inch stick sitting on the ground, so what I’m getting at is you might want to practice as much technical riding on slick surfaces as you can. It is not much fun but I am guessing it will come in real handy.


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