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Fabulous training ride

Posted by desflurane on April 10, 2011

Its saturday and at 6:15AM, my wife and kids drove off to visit family for the week. I get to stay behind and work… AND RIDE!!

I headed out to Moon Rocks, arriving at about noon, and hitting the trails by about 12:30. It has snowed lightly for the past 24 hours, and the dirt was in pretty good condition, especially higher up the mountains. I decided to hit some singletrack that we tried to ride a week ago, but were rejected by the snow-choked trails. I easily surmounted the approach hill that denied me last time, and made my way into the fine, rocky, technical paradise that lies beyond. There were two sets of fresh tracks going apparently in the same direction, so I felt pretty confident that somebody else was up there – normally I wouldn’t stray so far off the beaten tracks by myself, especially with fresh snow on the ground.

I eventually caught up with the guys ahead of me, as they pondered what to do when the trail vanished into a field of snow. We quickly decided to team up and see if we could push through to the section of trail we could just make out across the saddle where we were perched. Fortunately, there was just a skiff of fresh snow on top of a hard crust of old snow and we got across without incident. From there we enjoyed slippery technical riding over the snow-covered rocks. One of the guys dropped his bike and snapped his clutch lever right off, so we were obliged to take the next gully down toward the main road.

After I got them headed back in the right direction, I peeled off and rode some singletrack that runs parallel to the road, and eventually made my way back to my vehicle. The guy whom I had parked next to, and who was riding a YZ 250, arrived a few minutes after I did. We struck up a conversation and decided to head out for another loop together. It turns out that he is a AA rider – meaning he races for money, and is very good. We took off in the opposite direction from before and rode some very technical, rocky washes with big waterfalls to tackle. We tore it up for about two hours before he noticed that his rear tire had gone flat, and we headed back to the vehicles.

By this time, I had been riding hard for about four hours, and I decided that it was time to call it a day. It was really a fine training session. I pushed my limits quite bit on both loops. I feel like this was EXACTLY the kind of work-out ride I need to prepare me for Romania. Hopefully I can repeat this success again and again before July rolls around.


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