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Things are happening!

Posted by desflurane on April 6, 2011

Yes my friends, real, tangible progress is being made! Yesterday I wired my entry fee to Romania! I am now a 100% official participant in this year’s rally! Airfare has been purchased. We are making various hotel reservations. Cristina emailed me this morning with contact info for Angelo the KTM dealer in Sibiu who hopefully will have a bike that I can rent for the event. (I thought that I had a bike semi-nailed down before, but apparently not). I shot off a message to him just a minute ago – I probably won’t hear back from him until tomorrow (since it’s 6:00pm over there right now). But contrary to all reason the gears are turning. It’s like a real thing now! Incredible!

And a few other details:

I went riding with a couple of guys on Friday. It was great! We hit a bunch of fresh single-track that has been cut in out at Moon Rocks. It was really perfect! The dirt is damp, there are few if any whoops, the trails are fun to ride! What could I complain about?

Well, I had decided to take my GPS along for a little fiddling around (I’m planning to get some real navigation practice underway soon). About halfway through the ride I stopped to wait for the other guys (heh heh heh…) and looked down at my GPS – and it wasn’t there! The mount, cradle and wiring harness were all right where they were supposed to be, but the unit was GONE! Major bummer!

We backtracked to all the likely spots where it may have been bounced out of the cradle (which involved dropping down a steep, waterfall – off the bikes, bulldogging) but to no avail. My trusty old 60c is probably sitting under a bit of sagebrush along the trail somewhere, and will be until the end of time.

So, I had to buy a new one (darn…) I ordered up a Garmin Oregon 450t and a Ram Mount set up that should hold the damn thing in place! I’m going to wrap a zip-tie around it or something and make sure this one doesn’t part company with me.


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