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Training schedule

Posted by desflurane on April 4, 2011

With roughly 100 days of training to go, I’m really trying to step everything up a few notches as I truly am into the “meat” of my preparations for the rally.

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing an hour-long workout before work each morning. My work schedule varies enough that there has to be some flexibility in what I plan out, but generally I am doing weight training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Cardio on the elliptical Tuesday and Thursday. On cardio days I do a half-marathon hill program (I don’t finish the whole 13.1km – it’s just a nice, long program – I pull the plug after an hour, usually right around 9.5km) where I try to keep my heart rate between 160-165bpm on the hilly sections and drop to about 135bpm on the one-minute sections between hills. Over the course of an hour my average HR is usually about 150bpm and I burn about 900 kCal.

For weight training I have been doing a number of different things – integrating our weight machine, dumbells,”exercise balls”, etc. And now I’m experimenting with some DVD workouts my wife bought. Specifically, the P90X DVD’s. I’m not really doing any 90-day program here, but the workouts seem to be really good, and they last an hour, which is perfect for my current schedule. We’ll see how it goes!

All this is in addition to riding as often as I can. I’ve been getting about two two-hour rides a week lately. But the weather seems to be turning nice here in Northern Nevada, so hopefully I can step that up a bit. Of course when I’m riding it is NOT buzzing around on fire-roads! I really try to ride hard and work on challenging terrain. I think its coming along well! My confidence on the bike is really increasing!

I truly feel like I’m on track for Romaniacs in July. If I can keep up this intensity I think I’ll be well prepared. The Virginia City Grand Prix is the 30th of this month, and I’m hoping that it will serve as a useful yardstick to gauge how things are coming along. On the other hand I’m a little nervous about this event too. I know guys who have crashed out of this race and gotten pretty badly hurt. The terrain is tricky enough to make that a real (though remote) possibility. It would be a crying shame to get hurt and put a big kink in my training schedule or miss Romania altogether. So, I’m planning to ride hard, but not hard enough to get myself wrapped around a rock!


One Response to “Training schedule”

  1. Marlon Michel said

    Brandon…looks like someone has found a new passion! Im glad for you buddy…I just found this, and will keep reading…great posts! Keep em coming, and be safe and have fun on your Romaniacs ride!

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