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The defining moment

Posted by desflurane on March 17, 2011

Somebody asked me how I latched on to the idea of riding in the Romaniacs, and I really had to think about it for a while. It was definitely in June of 2010, just before last year’s rally began. I had been toying with the idea of going over to Austria to watch the ErzbergRodeo (although the idea of riding in the event was percolating in my brain) when I visited the Romaniacs website and saw the following in the News sidebar. This is lifted right from their site:

07.06.2010 YOU can still enter Red Bull Romaniacs 2010

If you thought you could, and you still really want to! YOU can still enter Red Bull Romaniacs 2010, due to cancellations some places are still available. Send an email direct to Race steward Cristina Badiu for more information. The Red Bull Romaniacs track guide manager Ingo and guides, sweepers, track openers, Internet bloggers, and media personalities have been out

» more
04.02.2010 KTM Motorcycles available to rent and race at Red Bull Romaniacs – Special offer on Romaniacs 3 DVD SET

Prepared Motorcycles available for rent and racing at Red Bull Romaniacs- There is a NEW Romaniacs prepared KTM 300cc EXC 2010 model for rent.

– Also 2 little used KTM 200cc EXC 2009 models

All bikes will be fully prepared, fully road registered, road legal and insured in Romania.

This is ideal for competitors who wish to fly in.

Please contact Cristina Badiu

That big “YOU can still enter Red Bull Romaniacs” line just sunk right into my brain, and apparently stuck there. In a flash, I realized that the YOU could be ME! Not for 2010, obviously – it was only ten days away when I read this, but why not next year? I’d have a full twelve months to get ready… Intracranial gears began whirring feverishly and my plan was hatched. Since that time I have considered myself “in training” for this year’s rally.


3 Responses to “The defining moment”

  1. Keith Wills said

    I like your updates.
    I miss riding with you.
    I will be getting out soon here. It’s still very wet.
    I am excited for your Romaniacs ride.
    It will be awesome!!

  2. drew congdon said

    Hey i live in sac and im looking into competing this year just wanted to touch base with the only other us rider. are you renting a bike. where you staying. what airlinedid you use i got a bunch of annoying questions like that. let me know 916 300 ****

    • desflurane said


      That’s really cool! I hope it works out for you! I’ll certainly help you out any way I can!

      Yes, I’m planning to rent a bike over there. I had hoped that KTM would offer bikes, but apparently they only do that for the ISDE. Local dealers rent the bikes for this kind of event (same story at Erzberg). So that is my plan there. I’ve been in contact with Angelo, the KTM dealer in Sibiu but he has not gotten back to me with an offer yet – I am getting a little antsy on this to be honest…

      I’ll be staying at whatever hotel they arrange for – hotel accommodations are included in the entry fee.

      We are flying United – because we have a united airlines credit card and hoped that we could use some of our miles to pay for part of the airfare. That didn’t pan out (HUGE surprise, right…) but still ended up flying United.

      If you haven’t already, read through the “Regulations” section on the Romaniacs website, it touches on a LOT of other subjects that you will want to know about.

      Feel free to ask anything else! I may not have all the answers, but I’ll gladly tell you what I know.


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