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Stepping it up a bit

Posted by desflurane on March 9, 2011

My preparations continue for Romania. No big exciting news to report. I’ve increased my workouts to one hour each morning – rotating between the elliptical and weights. The personal trainer that my wife got to know through her “Boot Camp” class has agreed to come over once or twice a week and work us over. It has only come together once in the last three weeks, but I have been shown that I really need to push much harder to get the sort of results I want. So I’ve been working out harder than I ever did before – focusing on strength and cardio.

The weather has been generally cooperative for the past week, so I’ve been out for training rides more or less every other day. I really feel some progress in my skills. I feel WAY more confident in difficult rock gardens and I’m learning how to fight my way through difficult boulder sections. I don’t know if there will be much of this sort of terrain in Romania apart from the prologue perhaps, but the bike skills that I’m developing should translate.

Yesterday afternoon I went back to the gravel pit area where I tore my finger up over a month ago. I was definitely a little nervous to go back, but the allure of big, steep, mini-Erzberg type hill climbs got the best of me. Things went great. I pulled off some difficult climbs – and failed at it a bunch of times, allowing me to practice recovering my composure on a big steep slope, turning the bike around and getting back down to flatter land without panicking. All good stuff.

In the process of preparing for Romaniacs I’m beating my bike up pretty good. Mostly scratch and dent stuff – just cosmetic, but the old pony doesn’t look new any more! I have decided long ago that I was going to treat this bike as a training tool and ride it into the ground if necessary. But still it makes me a little sad to see the gouges and dents accumulating… Oh well, I’ll unload it after Romania most likely – about when the 2012 bikes roll out.


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