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No bike rental from KTM

Posted by desflurane on February 23, 2011

As I mentioned, I sent off an email to KTM USA regarding the bike rental question. I received the following reply:

Hi Brandon,

I emailed Jurgen to ask him some questions regarding the event. We are not going to be offering bike rentals. We usually only do that for just the Six Days. We will possibly be offering a bike purchase program though. Where you pay for the bike through your local dealer and KTM takes care for registration, transport of the bike to the event where the bike will be ready to race. Then we ship the bike you bought back to your dealer for delivery to you after the event.

He’s currently working on finalizing the details of the program now which might also include a race service option. I hope to see the finalized information in 2-3 weeks. As soon as it is available I will send it to you.

Also, where do you live?


Bryan Licul
Customer Service

So, maybe the whole bike-purchase thing will be back on my radar. I had discounted the idea simply for cost reasons (about eight grand to put a fine point on it). I will definitely explore other rental options. Perhaps whoever rents bikes out for Erzberg would also offer them for Romaniacs. It could happen…


3 Responses to “No bike rental from KTM”

  1. Mark said

    Just wondering what you found out about bike rental. A friend and I that race hare scrambles want to rent a KTM enduro model during the 2012 Romaniacs, but not actually enter the race. Just use it to ride around for 5 days or so.

    • desflurane said


      It seemed like there were plenty of bikes available as it got closer to the actual event. I’ll ask Cristina if she has an idea of how many bikes there were and about how much they cost – on average. When I was still planning on riding this year, bike rental was around 1200 Eu.

      • jon heerkens said

        When I went to Erzberg I rented a KTM from Braumandl KTM for 800 euros and all damage. They also will install a rekluse for another 300 euros if desired. My 300 was brand new and never ridden before. I would imagine you could rent one from them and transport it to the Romaniacs. Not sure how far away it is from Central AUS but the Romaniac guys were at Erzberg and drove there.

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