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Physician heal thyself…

Posted by desflurane on February 5, 2011

So my hand got feeling a good bit better so I went out for a ride in the new area I mentioned before. It really is almost ideal for trials practice – lots of rocks in a pile about 75 feet long with numerous pathways through, ranging from fairly easy to impassable. There are steep hills (embankments really) to climb with a stutter-step roadway in the middle making it pretty difficult to master.

Anyway, I was having a really great ride when a rock rolled out from under my front wheel while traversing the side of a big truck rut. The bike pitched sideways a little and the front wheel dug in to the soft dirt and stopped short. I on the other hand, kept right on going… While I didn’t really go flying over the bars, I did perform what I’ll call a very un-graceful “front dismount.” In the process, I managed to get my injured finger caught between the clutch lever and my shiny new handguard. I ended up on my back in front of the bike with my finger still wrapped around the clutch lever – bent way far backward and twisted around some.


The pain was astronomical for about an hour – until I got home and let hot water run over my hand in the shower for ten minutes or so. The pain went away almost completely, but the swelling was impressive. The whole back of my left hand puffed up, down to my wrist. I immediately noticed a near total loss of “pincer” strength between my index finger and thumb. The index finger deflected under my middle finger with the least bit of pressure. Definitely some tendon and ligament damage.

I’ve kept my index finger “buddy-taped” to my middle finger since that time, and function is starting to come back. It has been a week and I’m able to move the finger around pretty well. I can even pull the clutch lever very nicely – with two fingers rather than one… but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

I have been a little depressed since I hurt my hand. I figured that I would be out of action for a long time and unable to train much. I was really worried that this little setback would derail my preparations for Romania. While it definitely is a setback, I think I’l be able to continue training more or less as I planned.


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