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Working on the bike!

Posted by desflurane on January 13, 2011

After 80+ hours on the clock, I decided it was time to tear into the motor and freshen up the top end and take care of a few other nagging issues that have cropped up over the last few months. Here is how she looked a couple of weeks ago:

Here is how she looks now:

Since that picture was taken, I have installed a new piston and rings (along with gaskets, wrist pin, upper con-rod bearing, etc.) With some sadness, I took off the ignition map switch – not because I didn’t like it, but because I somehow seemed to accidentally flip it into the low map inadvertently when I really wanted to be on the high map. Oh well, with it gone I now have room to install my gps unit – I needed to do that anyway. I flushed out all the hydraulics with fresh fluid, and I changed out the sealing on my countershaft, which started oozing again. This will be the third time I have changed out the o-ring and oil seal, and the second spacer/bushing. I think the bushing was the culprit this time, note the scratchy little groove worn into its surface where the outer lip of the oil seal rode on it:

As I was dismantling my exhaust system for cleaning, I noticed that the weld where the exhaust tubing met the silencer canister was cracked. I took the unit in to RMS (where I bought it) to see what they would recommend I do. They told me that they had seen several other silencers cracked in the same place and that FMF would warrantee it for me! Nice! The only downside is that it will probably take several weeks to get the replacement silencer back, so in the mean time I need to re-install the stock silencer. No problem really, since I very likely will not be riding anyplace where a spark arrestor is required for at least another month.

Only problem is that the old silencer is up in the storage space above our garage and I have to move the trailer with our quads on it to get up there. I’ll try to make it happen by tomorrow and have the bike running Saturday. I can’t wait!


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