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Had a good day!

Posted by desflurane on December 12, 2010

For quite a few months I’ve been trying to get out riding with a guy who works as a scrub tech (person who hands instruments to the surgeon – “scalpel!! … scalpel”). Something always came up and foiled our attempts to ride. He and one of the vascular surgeons (who takes Fridays off) go out nearly every week while the weather is good and I have been itching to go along. At long last, the stars aligned and we all hooked up for a nice long rip!

We met at Bobby’s house (he is the scrub tech) at around 10:30 Friday morning. I had called our scheduler and asked to be done with work by 9:30, it worked out pretty well. Bobby’s house sits at the ends of two intersecting streets. Desert surrounds him on two sides with convenient trails running off into the hills in all directions.

A nicely constructed motocross track lies about five miles away and we headed there and did a bunch of laps. It is a real track, not the makeshift ones that appear frequently out in the desert – the berms and jumps are nicely shaped and generally pretty safe for the non-superhero types, like myself. While I can’t say that I was really going fast out there, I felt pretty good about it. I think that with a few more visits I could have it pretty well nailed. Only one double jump was giving us all troubles. The kicker was very steep and the gap between the bumps was REALLY deep. If you didn’t hit it fast enough to clear the gap you were going to faceplant into the wall!! Most doubles will let you get away with being a scaredy-cat, but this thing would totally punish the timid! It would be like jumping into a brick wall! We all ended up hitting the brakes and just rolling over it, looking like morons I’m sure.

I know that the secret is to just go faster and clear the whole thing, I’m just not quite there yet. I was actually clearing the smaller doubles pretty well though! It’s a nice feeling to glide down the landing rather than soaking up the big jolt when you come up short.

We then headed into some hills for some nice, more technical trails. After a few hours we made our way back to Bobby’s, recharged for a few then hit the trails again for a bit. The second time out, we got onto some nice steep, switchbacked trails with sandy, rocky descents. Perfect! We only clocked 45 miles, but It was definitely worthwhile. We all swore to do it again ASAP.


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