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Local singletrack

Posted by desflurane on December 1, 2010

I got out for a nice ride yesterday. It felt really good! It has been three weeks since I’ve been out. We were out of town the first week of november and again the week of thanksgiving, so I had to cram almost a full month’s worth of work in to the intervening two weeks. Needless to say, I didn’t go riding during that time… Then when the recent snowstorms came through I thought I might be finished until next year. But the days have been clear and nice, with only minimal snow on the ground out where I ride, so… Off I went for a two hour workout ride.

I needed to be back by 3:30pm to pick up our daughter from school. So I started packing up at about 2:50. I put the key into the ignition and the radio-clock read 1:50!! Blasted daylight saving time!! I hadn’t changed the clock on my bikes computer. I suited back up and went out for another hour.

With my bonus riding time I decided to head out in the opposite direction from where I normally go. I was immediately rewarded with some nice steep trails to work on. And suddenly I found myself on a really sweet singletrack winding it’s way through the sagebrush and cedar trees. It went on for maybe four miles before hitting the main, paved road.

I tried to follow it back to it’s start, but was thwarted in my attempt by a long, steep hill that had been an exhilarating descent just before the trail ended. In my usual style, I hit the bottom of the hill a gear to high and with nowhere near enough rpm’s to get the job done. I tried to downshift, feather the clutch and pour on some gas, but it was too late. About one hundred feet up the five hundred foot hill my engine crapped out. Getting started again was a no-go after several fruitless attempts. And back down I went.

On the bright side, I got to try out the ultra-steep, off-the-bike hill descent technique where you hold the bars to your chest with your legs out in front – digging your heels in to control your speed, along with the front brake and clutch. It ain’t pretty, but it worked quite well. You see this being done fairly often in the romaniacs photos.

Something like this, but not so muddy and gnarly:


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