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Not such an excellent ride…

Posted by desflurane on October 15, 2010

First off, I have written this post about four different times and the lame WordPress app for iPhone keeps vaporizing it before I can get it published. No more stupid app…

So two days ago I was enjoying a great training ride up Dog Valley. It was a beautiful day and I planned on riding a roughly figure-eight shaped loop that would end up at around forty miles. I had completed about one-third of the loop and was charging down a nice wide gravel road that leads down toward Boca and Stampede reservoirs. The recent rains had the dirt nicely conditioned, but I came into one corner a bit too quickly and with a rear tire that was just a bit too bald… I slid out and rather than laying the bike down and sliding into the ditch, I kept it upright, hopped over the ditch onto the steep embankment on the far side and smashed into a big bush. The bike slowly toppled back down the bank and I barely jumped out of the way in time to avoid catching it with my face!

After bit of hauling and shoving I had the bike up and running again. When I passed by the little trail I was heading for and hit the skids to turn around, I noticed that the back brake felt a little strange. It worked just fine, but felt odd under my boot. I looked down and immediately saw why:

There must have been a pretty big rock underneath the bush I ran into because it bent my brake pedal up pretty good. I was cursing my poor luck at ruining an expensive part when I noticed that a thick, honey-colored liquid was also pouring off of my skid plate. I quickly surmised that this could simply not be a good sign, and pulled over and put the bike on the sidestand.

I hit the rock hard enough that it jammed the brake pedal right through the clutch cover. SWEET! I immediately turned around and employed a combination of pushing (gave that up pretty quickly though), coasting and gently riding under power to limp six or so miles back to my vehicle. I have ordered up new parts (~$165) and they should be here next week some time. I missed out on a PERFECT day to ride yesterday, unfortunately – but what are you going to do?

The truly good news is that I came out without a scratch. It could have been much worse. I was alone and pretty far from real civilization. If I had gotten hurt it could have been ugly. Fortunately I was on the main road through the area and somebody would have come by eventually. At least that’s what I am telling myself.


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