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Prime Time baby!

Posted by desflurane on October 13, 2010

As I mentioned the the previous post, Jim and I drove four hours to San Jose unloaded the bikes, geared up, ran the hour and a half race, loaded up, and drove four hours home. Good times!

It was the Prime Time hare scrambles put on by the Timekeepers MC at the Motorcycle County Park aka Metcalf OHV area.

The race was pretty good! The course was about 7.5 miles long, starting in the park’s motocross track. It took advantage of the location, treating us to a few nicely shaped berms and jumps before cresting a hill, darting through a gap in the fence and blasting out onto the trails that criss-cross the area. There were stretches of rocky and uneven dirt road separated by forays onto tight singletrack that seemed intent upon winding their way around each and every rock, bush out there. The two or three “tree” sections were challenging, with one low hanging branch leaving a lasting impression on the top of my helmet!

Somewhere around the halfway point, the track emerged from what seemed like a stretch of Celtic knotwork and charged directly up a long steep hill. It was a thing of beauty! No rocks, no rain ruts, minimal acceleration bumps at the run-up. It was tailor made for a wide open blast in about fourth gear!

As we wound our way in at the end of the loop, the motocross track was a welcome sight! No more rocks, ruts and shrubbery to contend with! Some well-deserved high-berm corners and glory-soaked double jumps were conquered just before slamming on the skids and threading through the timing gate. And as a reward, another lap through the whole thing was granted!

On the whole, I would say the track was rather technical, but not excessively difficult. There wasn’t much opportunity to really let the bike stretch it’s legs, at least not for more than a few seconds before a slippery, gravelly hard right (or left) shot down the thrill of ridiculous speed.

Much of the course had to be tackled at fairly low speed – at least by me. It was just to loose and twisty to go really fast. There were guys going faster than me, but nothing like running with the pros in the Virginia city gran prix. Those guys rip past you through the nasty stuff like you were standing still! My point being that I felt like I kept up the general pace and even passed a bunch of people along the way.

The laptop running the scoring software crashed before results could be announced, so Jim and I were on the road home before we found out how we did. I’m sure I didn’t win my class, but I think I did pretty well. We shall see!


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