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Birthday present for my wife

Posted by desflurane on October 4, 2010

My wife turned 40 last month (I’m sure nobody she knows will be reading this blog…) and I threw her a big surprise party. It came off perfectly and she was very happy.

Now, it occurred to me the day of the party that in my fervid scrambling about getting the big bash arranged, I had overlooked getting her an actual present! A quick trip to Scheels was required to correct this deficiency!

While browsing the largest sporting goods store on planet earth, I thought about a home-gym weight-machine kind of thing. We have both been focusing on fitness for the past year and something more than a few dumbbells seemed like just the ticket. It just so happened that the floor model of a very nice, compact machine had been marked down by 600 bucks. After ten minutes of debate, I pulled the trigger.

Later on, after some reflection, I realized that this may actually have been a gift for myself, so I was tickled when Traci liked the idea and even gave up a large parcel of real estate in our walk-in closet to make a home for it.

As with any home exercise equipment, this one is a compromise. It has several really nice features and does a good number of exercises very well, there are a lot more exercises that CAN be done, but with some degree of adaptation required – meaning that you don’t get quite the motion you hope for, or can’t quite get full extension or flexion, etc. So I think some experimentation will reveal which exercises can be done well so we can focus on those, leaving the others for dumbbells, resistance bands, or other approaches.

I’m planning on hiring a personal trainer to come to the house and help me put together a good routine that takes advantage of the equipment we’ve got, and probably working in a few other items (more dumbbells, balls, and so on).


3 Responses to “Birthday present for my wife”

  1. Matt L. said

    Congrats on the purchase! We look forward to your next visit to the store!!!

    Matt L.

  2. Ben b said

    I thought your butt looked a little tighter in those scrubs!

  3. Jim E. said

    B, you have really been inspiring me to get out and do some serious training if I want to compete.
    Now that the weather has turned a bit better I am going to start hitting balls and practice my putting more.
    I will become a 2 handicap, since I now have no chance keeping up with you on two wheels or on your Foosball table I will have to stick with golf and hope you to don’t pick the sport up!

    You are really doing well and I am excited for you, someday can I get you to sign my copy of “dust on the Comstock”? I want to prove to people that I knew you when you were a rookie.

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