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My ideal race bike

Posted by desflurane on August 18, 2010

I’ve been thinking about how I would like to set up a bike to use in Romania. If I do rent a bike over there (most likely scenario) I may not have total control over the details, but here’s what I’d LIKE to have:

  1. KTM 300 EXC, as new as possible. This seems to be the standard bike at the Romaniacs. Since I ride a 300 now, it would be the logical choice. ’08 or newer! I think that I would basically leave it stock apart from the items below. I really like the way mine works.
  2. Graphics, plastics – whatever. It won’t make me ride any better.
  3. Wrap around brush guards. Probably the Cycra Pro-Bends. I’ve gotten away with the cheesy, stock, plastic guards that came on my bike, but it a tight forest situation they leave a lot to be desired. I have punched a few tree branches at speed and learned of their shortcomings… Give me some metal!
  4. Ignition map switch. It seems like this would be a big help in muddy, technical areas. I don’t have one now, but I want to experiment with one. All the switches I’ve seen appear to be more or less equivalent. The Bauer switch at least reads “High” and “Low” rather than “On” and “Off.”
  5. Skid plate. I’ve tried the KTM plastic skid plate and I loved it – until I actually used it and it disintegrated… Seriously, two solid hits on rock and it was over. And these were what I would call “Run Of The Mill” hits that any skid plate should soak up with ease. I have since gone with a carbon fiber skid by Eline, and it works great.
  6. Expansion chamber guard. Probably more carbon fiber from Eline. My buddy questioned the logic of spending $150 for a guard to protect a $200 pipe. “Why not just get a new pipe?” He reasoned. Well, as soon as they open FMF-dealing shops in the backwoods of Transylvania so I can replace a crunched pipe in the middle of the race I’ll take that route. Until that time I think its more about preserving the function of the pipe on the bike rather than the money invested in it.
  7. Steering damper. I really like my Scotts. For Nevada riding (equals LOTS of rocks…) it is essential. I actually doubt that I would have time to install one of these on a rental bike before the race, but it would be nice, but perhaps not so important in Romania. It looks generally less rocky over there.
  8. Front and rear tug straps. Absolute necessities.
  9. Trials tires? I notice a lot of guys using them in the pics. I have heard great things about them from others. May be just the ticket…

Maybe I could gather this stuff up and ship it over  a month or so early, once I have a bike secured. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first guy do that sort of thing, so they may have some mechanism in place for storing packages of parts sent from across the globe. We’ll see…


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