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Riding like a madman

Posted by desflurane on July 29, 2010

Not much new and exciting to report, but I continue to work out daily, and as the month comes to and end I’ll have another little blob of cash to deposit into the Romaniacs savings account!

At present my family us out of town visiting relatives in Utah for almost two weeks while I stay home to earn the big bucks. It’s fairly dull without the gang around, especially at night when I’m usually occupied with getting the little ones into bed. I just sit around trying to work up the energy to go to bed myself.

Ah well, the benefit is that I can go riding whenever my schedule permits, for as long as I want. Unheard of under normal circumstances.

Yesterday I rode 55 miles up Dog Valley road, exploring many exciting new (to me) trails. As I was riding back to the trailhead I noticed that I was hitting all the rocks in the trail particularly hard. I slowed down to a speed where I could comfortably look down at the front tire and, sure enough, it was flat as a pancake. I still had the factory tube up front and riding fast on a rocky trail just did it in.

I was still about six miles out, and walking the bike back wasn’t a fun thought, so I rode it back VERY SLOWLY to avoid denting my rim any further. It did earn a few new battle scars, however.

I drove directly to RMS (our local gear shop – owned by Paul and Dennis, two very nice guys) and had a heavy duty tube stuffed in. RMS prides themselves on changing tires and such while you wait, so this process took only ten minutes. I BS’ed with Paul for nearly an hour, then got on my way. It was around 5:30pm.

The sun doesn’t set until about 7:45 now, so naturally I went out for another ride – a feat completely unprecedented when my usual responsibilities are in place! I probably put in 65 miles yesterday. Not excessive, but a real treat for me.

I’m planning to ride tonite and tomorrow evening as well. Then on Saturday Paul (owner of RMS) is taking a bunch of us riding near topaz lake. Should be epic! He has been talking this ride up for months! I’ll definitely take the helmet cam and shoot some video.


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