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Getting a few good rides in

Posted by desflurane on July 14, 2010

My friend Jim and I went for a nice saturday morning ride up Dog Valley Road – a graded dirt road that climbs up into the Sierra Nevadas and provides access to many nearby mountain peaks and the several reservoirs that nestle between them. The ride was going along famously. I was really enjoying the nice hardpack – a pleasant change from the low-traction sandy dirt that I am usually riding on – and plentiful rocks to hop off. As we were getting close to the lookout tower we were aiming for, Jim ran over a nice six-penny nail and flattened his rear tire. He limped back to the truck while I continued on the last two miles or so to the lookout. It was well worth the solo trip. The view was spectacular. Additionally, along the way I was able to find some nice fallen logs to pop over and a few other nice obstacles upon which I honed my skills.

How NOT to hop over logs…

Actually clearing some logs

The Lookout Tower

I’m feeling really good about my riding lately. I’ve definitely been improving – a lot! Now, do I think I’m ready for the Romaniacs? No way!! But I think if I keep doing what I’m doing, I will be ready a year from now.

Subsequently (Tuesday night) we rode the same trail again. This time with our wives and some other friends along. Jim and his wife rode in his Polaris Razr, my wife rode her outlaw, the other couple were on their new Can-Am two seat monster-quad. I rode my trusty 300. Again I found lots of great obstacles to practice on – more log hopping, a nice steep, loose hill climb and other good stuff. By virtue of the spouses being along it was a low-speed ride, but I was definitely able to keep myself occupied!

Another tidbit: I went in to our bank and opened a separate savings account for Romaniacs! It feels really good to have done that. It makes the whole thing a little more official and a bit more real.

Oh, and I have begun investigating traveller’s health insurance policies – specifically the ones that provide medical evacuation. It is a bit of a macabre thing to think about, but there is always the chance that I could get hurt and need to be sent back to the States… It looks as though most policies cost about $120-150 – given the made-up parameters I provided the online quote software (I had to invent some dates for the 2011 rallye and dates I would be travelling, etc.) Seems fairly reasonable.


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